wechat top up,recharge service,How do I add money to WeChat?

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wechat top up,recharge service,How do I add money to WeChat?

The reason why you cannot directly recharge WeChat overseas is that WeChat does not support overseas bank card payment.

The best way to recharge WeChat overseas is through the WeChat recharge platform. If you want to recharge your WeChat Pay wallet with overseas credit card , you can choose our wechat recharge service . In the past ten years, Chinese citizens abroad,foreigners and overseas Chinese have recharged WeChat Red Packet and wallet for themselves and their relatives and friends in this way. With our 24 hours online customer service,u can top up your WeChat wallet easily and cheaper.we  provide  overseas recharge WeChat for chinese abroad and foreigners.

Can foreigner top up WeChat Pay?

Of course.with our wechat pay top top serice, foreign visitors or foreigners can pay via their domestic credit cards,visa/master card,paypal etc. Chinese students or overseas Chinese can also recharge WeChat Pay when they’re outside of China too.

Can I top up  WeChat Pay without chinese bank account?

If u don’t have a chinese bank account or can not use Chinese bank account freely at that time. You can have try our wechat top up sercive  wherever you are, we can help you exchange funds with different local payment methods and domestic currencies, you can also use credit card, that’s very easy!

How can overseas users recharge WeChat?

There are many WeChat charging services platform abroad. Indeed, WeChat recharge overseas websites is useful, because they with a little handling fee,you can add money to your WeChat wallet easily. The services provided by the website are very comprehensive: such as Alipay overseas recharge, WeChat wallet recharge, Douyin recharge, Maoer fm top up, etc. After the formation of the market scale, the competition among the major recharge and payment platforms has become increasingly fierce. If you have the need to charge your WeChat, the first thing u need to consider is to choose a safe one.

Take our service for instance,your can top up your wechat account at our website through the steps below:

How to recharge WeChat wallet overseas?

1. Click the “Buy Now” button to enter the overseas recharge WeChat wallet purchase link;

2. Select or  enter the amount you want to recharge ;

3. choose your Payment way:paypal/credit card/debit card etc;

4. After confirming that the quantity and currency, click “Buy Now”;

5. Register(for new customers) or log in (members)to our websit;

6. Fill in your WeChat ID

7. Finish the top up to wechat payment and wait for about 3-5 minutes until our customer service Representative help to add rmb to your wechat account.

Note:  Please confirm that your wechat id  provided is correctly;